Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Art Nouveau Soap Box

This art nouveau soap box design was inspired by mainly the beautiful woman with the long locks. With the wispy hair and elaborate boarders that make this period so iconic and memorable; I wanted to capture this on my box. My brand is called Savon De Sierra. I am not fluent in French so not sure if I translated that one correctly ( meaning Sierra brand Soap). I didn't choose the name solely it being my name, but because of the Sierra Mountains Range; which is rendered in the background. I was inspired by the Mucha job cigarette papers poster from 1898 for the woman's hair. I was also inspired by the Mucha Monaco Monte Carlo poster from 1897 with the mesmerized female and the stylized plants, I made vines flowers and lilly pads into a frame. The type that i made was inspired by the Mucha poster for the french commerce ministry exhibit in 1904.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Victorian matchbox

My inspiration for this design was to incorporate the busy text that many posters applied during the Victorian era. Although with technical difficulties and size challenges I was only able to achieve the necessities. I challenged myself by only using black and white with a textural mid-tone.

Now I have a new appreciation for delicate flourishes.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Design Inspirations

As an illustrator, my favourite artistic movement is Art Nouveau. I adore the organic intricate frames and women’s hair that Art Nouveau is infamous for. Art Nouveau’s embellishment style is extremely entrancing. I spend a vast amount of time studying the line work and I enjoy how it takes me on a fun journey inside paintings or architecture.

Adam Hughes
Princess Leia
Olly Moss
Return of the Jedi 

Olly Moss (25) is a designer who is in the thick of the industry; with a client lineup from Lucas Films to Nike to Apple. Olly creates extremely clever designs. Many of his designs are optical illusions, making his art memorable. By only using what is needed Olly has great white space usage. As a Star Wars junkie, I appreciate the work he did for Lucas films. With only 1 colour with black and white Olly used iconic character silhouettes to frame scenes from the original trilogy. When it comes to design, I agree with Olly’s approach that the layout should only have a few colours in it; otherwise it is too overwhelming. I believe all design should be appealing in black and white but be able to use colour to only enhance it. Olly moss is a great designer that upholds a strong portfolio with out over colouring.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Audrey Kawasaki- Inspiration

Lillian- Audrey Kawasaki
oil and graphite on wood 14"x14"
Hint Mint artist series

Enrapture- Audrey Kawasaki
oil and graphite on wood panel 24"x24"
Merry Karnowski Gallery "Restlessly Still"

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