Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Constructivism: Cory Scheider Edition

I created this constructivism poster to help the Canuck hockey fans who have not made up their minds about which goalie they prefer. If you are a Canucks fan, you know there is a large discussion around our goalies. Our number 1, being Luongo; a fantastic goalie closer to the end of his career then the beginning. Then we have Schneider; a 26 goalie wanted to shine in the spotlight. He started shaky on his first game, but since the lockout most players are. Unfortunately being a goalie being rusty is a lot more apparent. Schneider can take the heat and is excellent in shoot outs. I could go into his statistic details but that might take a while. Instead I will let you bask in the glorified Schneiderman!

The images below are from the from finished product through my process to mind map. I wanted to use textures that are associated with hockey for example: hockey tape, stick tape, and ice that has been skated on. Luckily found the type of font that the Vancouver Canucks use. Originally  I wanted to hand cut out all of my objects but I couldn't find any magazines that have Cory as the main focus. Also trying to find an image in which Cory was in focus and without his helmet was  nonexistent. Therefore I airbrushed his whole face to make it non pixelated while trying not to over do it. Also in my original design I had more elements but to convey my message clearer it was simplified. In my research for constructivist style I was finding the compositions were diagonal rule of thirds so I used that as my composition as well.

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