Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Art Nouveau Soap Box

This art nouveau soap box design was inspired by mainly the beautiful woman with the long locks. With the wispy hair and elaborate boarders that make this period so iconic and memorable; I wanted to capture this on my box. My brand is called Savon De Sierra. I am not fluent in French so not sure if I translated that one correctly ( meaning Sierra brand Soap). I didn't choose the name solely it being my name, but because of the Sierra Mountains Range; which is rendered in the background. I was inspired by the Mucha job cigarette papers poster from 1898 for the woman's hair. I was also inspired by the Mucha Monaco Monte Carlo poster from 1897 with the mesmerized female and the stylized plants, I made vines flowers and lilly pads into a frame. The type that i made was inspired by the Mucha poster for the french commerce ministry exhibit in 1904.

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