Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Saul Bass What A Boss

Before I began my search for a graphic designer to write a research paper on, I quickly realized that I have plenty of designs that I take inspiration from, but not any designers that I look up and follow regularly. 
I began looking at the inspiration that I have on my Pinterest site. I researched my favourite designer on this list throughout the web (blogs, Facebook, websites, google search, Capilano Library etc.) to find little or no information about their work. Tom Whalen was the only designer I was able to find the information about. I thoroughly enjoy Tom’s designs, mainly because he incorporates design and illustration into a cohesive duo. With several hours looking for more information about him the pattern like of my other inspirations; fell short. I realized that a modern designer for a research paper is not the way to go. 

I read in an interview with Tom Whalen one of his big inspirations is Saul Bass. 
Yup! I found my designer. 
Saul Bass quote “design is thinking made visual.”, is on a sticky note in my room but I never looked into who said it. 
Saul’s designs are appealing to me because they are a simple, straight-forward style. I do find several elements I love about Tom Whalens work in Saul’s designs as well. As a few linked elements between the designers: colouring, the overall mood, perfect lines in a skewed-minimalist style. Having little research about Saul I discovered the average lifespan of his logos are 34 years old. To have several major brands that keep my logo for dozens of years would be a far dream at this point. 
Saul has had a very well rounded design career. Starting in New York to leave for California to create film posters to logos to reinventing film credits forever. Saul had designed it all: films, packaging, products, architecture, corporate identification, and graphics. Saul had started his passion young and has achieved a great breadth of work. Why Saul as my preferred designer? I aspire to achieve a slice of what he accomplished and in my research I may find some tips on how to keep at least one design around longer then I am alive. 
-above is a collage of a few famous Saul Bass designs

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  1. Hi, did you end up finishing an essay on Saul Bass? I'm researching him now and would be interested to know what you found.