Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Vancouver Aquarium Rebrand

The designers of the Vancouver Aquarium rebrand in 2006 was Roy White, Matthew Clark and Steph Gibson. They are from Subplot Design Inc located on Homer street in Vancouver. The firm has produced creative brand design including: Logomarks + Identity, Brand Packaging, Product Design, Print Communications, Annual Reports, and Retail Identities + Environments.
The redesign of the Aquarium they wanted to embrace the aquariums fundamental purpose; aquatic conservation. The logo design was inspired by the spirit of the old logo to celebrate the Aquarium's history and commitment to the conservation in many forms. The shapes represent a sea-star, a kelp front and a wave to form a leaping fish. The new brand was published on brochures, a new website and all branded items and communications materials. 
The following pictures are the firms design:

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